Boston Matthews
Golden Equipment is joining forces with Boston Matthews to bring the best of extrusion and plastics recycling to the Midwest.

Boston Matthews invented the #1 Puller in the world in 1953. Today the company manufactures a full range of extruders and installations for a various applications. Its company Munchy is a leader in efficient plastic recycling using the Dual Diameter Screw technology to deliver compact machines and powerful shredders that can process a wide range of scrap materials.

Woojin Plastic
Golden Equipment is pleased to announce its newly formed partnership with Woojin Plastic.

Woojin, a designer and manufacturer of molding machines, selected Golden Equipment as its sales representative in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Woojin produces hyrdraulic, electric, two-platent and hybrid injection molding machines. These products provide energy savings, ultra high-speed options and dual-color models. The sizes range from 30 tons to 3,500 tons.

Golden Equipment and COMI Advanced Technology Systems recently announced they will work in tandem to provide the Midwest with a wide range of thermoforming products.

COMI holds more than 40 years of experience in thermoforming. The company offers products for a variety of purposes, including single stations to high-output in-line thermoforming production.