Golden Equipment is pleased to represent the following suppliers:


The Japanese company Matsui was founded in 1912 to build medical and chemical equipment, and they started manufacturing injection molding devices in 1963. Today Matsui is the largest manufacturer of industrial plastics equipment in the world. Golden Equipment carries Matsui’s dryers, loaders, grinders, and temperature controllers.
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HY Robotics, the largest manufacturer of robots in South Korea, builds robots for plastic injection molding machines. Their range of products is designed to apply to any process, from completing simple tasks like removing parts to providing fully integrated factory automation systems.
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An Indiana-based company, Temptek provides durable cooling equipment at competitive prices. Golden Equipment offers high-quality temperature controllers, chillers, and cooling tower systems from Temptek.
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Launched in 1973 to design and construct thermoforming machines for the refrigerator industry, COMI now wields more than 40 years of experience as a trusted Italian brand. Its thermoforming machines have expanded into the packaging industry and industrial sector as COMI continues to make a name for itself on a global scale. COMI has installed more than 1,200 systems in 50-plus countries.

Woojin Plaimmskorea

South Korean injection molding machine manufacturer Woojin Plaimm provides a full line of machines, including hydraulic, electric, two-platen, hybrid, and vertical designs. Machine sizes range between 30 and 3,500 tons and include models tailored to energy efficiency, high-speed operations, and dual-color molding. Founded in 1985, the company headquartered in Boeun, South Korea, and maintains offices in 23 countries. U.S. locations include Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.
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Plastrac is an American firm that builds systems for material blending and loading. They focus on providing their customers with hardware that is accurate, reliable, affordable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. They are the most reliable in the industry. All of Plastrac’s products are assembled in a plant in eastern Pennsylvania.


The Michigan-based company, IMCS, handles traditional bulk solids to regulated medical waste, and international material control systems designs, while manufacturing and implementing material handling solutions.

Boston Matthewsusa

Boston Matthews is an American company that services the USA and the world. In 1953, they invented the Caterpillar Take-Off the world’s #1 Puller. Boston Matthews manufactures machines for the full extrusion process including cutters, winders, and cooling tanks. There are more than 35,000 Boston Mathews machines operating around the world.


Munchy, a Boston Matthews company, manufactures a full line of plastics recycling machines. Munchy invented the Dual Diameter Screw, which produces high-quality pellets from scrap material. Munchy manufactures a series of machines used to process a full range of plastics. Over 5,000 different Munchy recycling systems are currently operating around the world.