Golden Equipment

The Best Plastics Equipment in the World Brought to the Midwest

"We help our customers make a profit by increasing the number of good parts they can produce while decreasing the attention they have to put toward the process."
- Jeff Golden

The Golden Difference

Golden Equipment delivers. Golden suppliers build excellent equipment, and most importantly when you’re in the middle of a critical run, they provide support you can depend on. Jeff Golden knows his business, and he knows yours, too. He focuses on improving manufacturing processes by starting with the parts you need to make and the equipment you have on your shop floor. Golden salespeople want to know what your goals are, how your process works today, and what you would like to see in productivity over the next four quarters and beyond. Then they find the best new equipment to fit what you have and what you want to do. Service. Knowledge. Value.

That’s the Golden Difference.

Financing: Funding major equipment purchases always takes careful deliberation. That’s why Golden Equipment is pleased to announce financing options through SCL Equipment Finance.


We provide manufacturing solutions to meet different needs at a variety of price points for these plastics processes: