Production Supervisors and Managers Communications Training Agenda

Lessons in the 10-week Floor Communications for Plastics Manufacturers are broken down into classes consisting of three weeks of introductory lessons on learning styles, six weeks of skills for understanding and teaching new hires and long-time employees, and a final week to make a plan.

Weeks 1 – 3. We lay out the communication process and how to recognize different learning and communication styles. Then we will consider and play with what happens as frustration emerges. We need to consider how we reverse the existing self-perpetuating system and the best ways to intervene and stop it from happening. ALL styles are good when we learn how to hear and respond to them.

Communications Styles for Managers

Weeks 4 – 5. We work on the Rules of Engagement. We want to avoid shaming or blaming in the workplace because that generally guarantees no learning will happen. We will work toward mutuality in learning and communications. When people feel heard, it ‘lowers the temperature’ and speeds up the process of learning and understanding.

Weeks 6 – 7. We look at concepts that filter through everything at work: Culture and Emotions. During these weeks, we will apply these abstract concepts to the concrete lessons of weeks 1 through 5. Culture is difficult to see because it’s the ‘air we breathe’. Often our stated processes are subtly undermined by our culture because that’s the way we do things around here. We will also show how emotions are the hidden secret in teasing out problems in culture and resolving them.

Weeks 8 – 9. We look at the ways we miss what’s happening and
how our mistaken beliefs create blind spots. We then explore ways we can turn
our mistakes into learning. This is also the way we build strong teams. Lastly, we dive into building on our successes
while planning our next moves.

Week 10. We plan for the difficult task of retaining
change. In the previous nine classes, the members will have had assignments
designed to give the participants a greater depth of understanding of the
content of each week. During the last week, we plan future actions to support
transitioning the culture to its next phase.

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