Production Supervisors and Managers Communications Training

In 40-plus years of working in the plastics industry, I have met very few workers who don’t care. The issue managers have in training workers has less to do with attitude and more to do with understanding the learning styles that influence what employees on the floor hear, read, and believe.

Our floor men and women live in a world of stressed communications. We believe that simplifying work orders clarifies directions, but our people are getting “lost in translation.”  We are, in effect, losing people’s energy and creativity. Worse still, work should and could be a place to feel fulfilled. Happy people are productive people.

This training helps supervisors and floor managers resolve those problems and tap into the natural creativity and desire to do well that nearly all of our employees possess. During the 10-week course, we will break down and address the miscommunications that are a constant threat to profits.

We think we are giving clear instructions, but somehow, and too often, things don’t get executed in a timely fashion. Our labor force then gets frustrated or de-energized, or just stops caring.

Read through the course agenda to see our approach.

Timing and Cost Options

We will have two options, both beginning on Thursday, September, 14, 2023. Trainings will be offered from 7:00 am to 8:30 am and 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm online via Zoom. The cost is $750 for all ten classes or $1,000 for two employees.

This course is also available in a two-day on-site version. It is designed for a morning session with an identical session in the afternoon. Day two is the same layout; a 4-hour class in the morning and the same class in the afternoon. Cost is $6,500 plus travel.

Registration and Payment

REGISTER TODAY. Call Jeff at +1 847 867-0759 or email

Payment is due via Zelle upon registration. You may also email a signed P.O. with payment due by check before the course starts.

About the Presenter

Jeff Golden began in the plastics industry at a refrigeration company in 1980. In 1982 became the production manager and entered sales in 1985. With an engineering background and an understanding of the pressures of production and up-time, Jeff became dedicated to equipment training.

In order to facilitate a better level of training, Jeff completed his Master’s degree in Coaching and Transformational Leadership in 2019. Every concept in this class is based on 40 years of experience, research, and part of the Master’s degree presentation.