Golden Equipment brings the world’s best to the Midwest, carrying a complete line of recycling/recompounding technologies to improve your manufacturing process. Golden prides itself in customer care and delivering top-notch equipment at great value.

Financing: Funding major equipment purchases always takes careful deliberation. That’s why Golden Equipment is pleased to announce financing options through SCL Equipment Finance.

Service. Knowledge. Value. That’s The Golden Difference.

Featured Auxiliary Equipment

The following equipment is optimized for recycling/recompounding.

AC Split Chiller

XLTR Series Crystallizer

Central waters chillers from Temptek are designed to circulate fluid through a process application for cooling. Central units can serve multiple process applications and supply temperatures between 20°F to 65°F.

The XTLR Series Crystallizer hopper dryer offers superior crystallization of many amorphous resins. Standard design features enhance performance throughout the process to increase performance in the critical glass transition zone and a pellet separation system for even, unobstructed flow to the take away area.

Hot/Cool Mixer Feeding

Aquaflow Pump Station

Compound Feeding Line

Featuring completely automatic operations, Penta’s line of hot/cool mixer feeding equipment offers a dust-free environment, and complete 
traceability of all production data and mixer management.

Aquaflow is the new range of water pumping groups by Aquatech designed to cover all the flow rates and pressures required by the industrial process.

Featuring a smart compact design, Penta’s compound feeding lines offer high dosing accuracy for proper refilling of dosing units, and complete traceability of all production data.